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Caution!! Hilarious videos ahead

The month of love has brought a sweet surprise for VMate users. Not only the users can participate in VMate's #HappyValentinesDay campaign to win exciting prizes, but also spend a day with sizzling diva Sunny Leone on the platform with #Sunnykidate. VMate, the trending short video platform, has rolled out an innovative video sticker that allows users to begin their morning with Sunny and interact with her to make their day an extraordinary one. The video sticker has gone viral as a large set of people are posting their videos on how they spent their day with her. While some videos show users to be in complete awe with the beauty of Sunny, some are super excited to talk to her and some are adding extra tadka to make it highly-entertaining.

Naba Kuma’s video brings a comic twist to the whole concept. Naba is quick to place his niche fire play skill in between the video and it give a very funny twist to the whole concept. True, that not everyone can handle a date with this irresistible baby doll, but this guy totally rocked it!

Govind, on the other hand, is still figuring out on how to control his enthusiasm and he does what he is best at - comedy. As in, who would welcome a beautiful and hot celeb with blackened teeth? And when Sunny hands over the morning tea to this gentleman, he decides to bath with it. Of course, not every day you get a cup of tea from Sunny Leone, so why not throw it at yourself to see if it's real or not.

Well, even after spilling tea all over him, just like Govind, Bohra falls unconscious towards the end of the video. And we all understand that well, when you are face to face with such a grace, it is normal to lose all the senses.

While singles are going all out to date Sunny Leone virtually however, it looks like married men have trouble doing so. Wife is clearly not happy with her husband talking to Sunny Leone and is in-secure. The video's created on this theme are classic entertainers since age.

Abdullah Pathan, the former winner of #SunnyKaNewYearCall who also went on a face to face date with Sunny Leone, is back to meet the crush of his life again. This WWE aspirant from Moradabad, used his USP to create the video which is different from all others. Even though the beautiful diva is handing over tea and is talking to him, Abdullah is seen trying to workout. Managing this virtual date along with his morning exercise routine. Isn't that commendable?

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