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How Is Digital Marketing Changing The Banking & Financial Industry

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As technology and digital services continue to ingrain themselves into more aspects of our lives, the financial sector has not been immune. New technology has given way to new services and with new services comes disruption of the old.

It wasn’t too long ago that banks offered incentives for opening an account. Offers of tote bags and toaster ovens gave way to promises of low fees, no fees, free checking, cash back, and more. All were predicated on the notion of getting the customer through the door where the 'sale' could be made.

In today’s digital landscape, certain features are not only offered, but they’re also expected. It would be hard to conceive of a bank or credit card company without an associated mobile app for customers to use to track expenses, pay bills, and more.

Whether your financial institution is just getting started in digital marketing or you’ve been investing in digital for years, iQuanti, the US-based Digital Marketing Analytics and Solutions Company, can take a bank’s online presence to a next level. iQuanti is already working with some of the largest regional banks and eCommerce players in Australia, Singapore, and India and has recently expanded its global presence by foraying into APAC regions.

iQuanti’s vision is to drive strong customer acquisition & marketing outcomes through the application of advanced data, modeling, and insights for their clients. It has built algorithms that help generate better returns on marketing spends and win on search engines. There is specific intelligence derived from large-scale algorithms built over voluminous data sets, which lend sophistication to its products. These data-led products and the services are iQuanti’s primary differentiators. iQuanti has built frameworks that identify which customer is looking for what kind of services or products at what point of time and are able to leverage that intelligence to make precision targeting solutions for prospects.

With more than a decade in the industry, iQuanti is ranked in the top 5 of advertising and marketing companies in New Jersey. iQuanti was recognized for 3-year revenue growth of 151% and have been achieving 200% Year over Year growth. 90% of clients of iQuanti are Fortune 500 companies and they have leading companies like Allstate, VISA, Avis, LG, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Harvard Business School, Citibank, American Express to name a few who rely on them for digital marketing services.

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