Tantan App - World’s 2nd Biggest Dating Platform, Gains Big From Its Debut Influencer Marketing Campaign This Valentine’s Day - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


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Tantan App - World’s 2nd Biggest Dating Platform, Gains Big From Its Debut Influencer Marketing Campaign This Valentine’s Day

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~ The World’s 2nd most downloaded dating app, achieved a reach of more than 2.5 million across platforms in a strategically focused Influencer Marketing campaign ~

Tantan, the 2nd most downloaded dating app globally, leveraged on a strategic and focused influencer marketing campaign to reach a solid growth in the number of active users during the Valentine’s Day week. With the festival as the theme, Tantan devised a campaign #VDayonTantan that channelizes the messaging of the brand to increase awareness and attract more verified female user base to the app. Over 45 influencers on Instagram and TikTok came together for the umbrella campaign #VDayOnTantan, #MyManOnTantan by the female influencers and #YourManOnTantan by the male influencers.

The campaign is a huge success for Tantan delivering an overall reach of over 2.5 million and growing across platforms. The followers of the influencers range in millions and are spread across India. As a result, they have been able to create mass awareness and engagement around the dating app stepping up in higher downloads from the metropolitan and Tier I cities during the period of the campaign.

The Tantan app stresses big on the “Verification Feature” which verifies profiles and blocks fake users from using the app. It is this feature that makes it one of the most trusted dating app around the world and it was the key messaging of the campaign. The influencers engaged the consumers by creating awareness on Tantan’s unique features like “Secret Crush,” “Swipe Around the Globe,” “Mild and Intimate Quizzes,” that make the app distinct and more attractive among its peers.

Over 30 influencers on Instagram with a total follower base of over 2 million people posted actively about the campaign, namely Nitibha Kaul, Ankush Bahuguna, Mridul Madhok and others. On TikTok, 10 mega influencers with a total reach of over 14 million namely Noman Uzair Khan, Harsha Richhariya and others created a healthy buzz around the campaign.

The campaign was strategized and executed by Topline Consulting Group. “The whole campaign was centered on getting more women users to download the app. While male influencers lured their female followers into finding them on Tantan, the women influencers encouraged other women to shed their apprehensions and find their ideal match on the app,” Riddhi Sachdeva from Topline Consulting Group explained.

According to Bobble AI’s Data intelligence and analysis Tantan is installed on 32.21% of the devices in India thus proving the point that Tantan has gained the trust and support of Indians looking for love on the internet.

Here are the top links of the influencer campaign:



New Delhi, 18th February 2020

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