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You're not an easy one who likes to settle — and neither is your partner. With the onset of February comes the bittersweet tension and challenge – what to pick out for your loved one come Valentine’s Day. Ditch the stereotypical flowers and chocolates and get hold of some unique gifts that are sure to delight the heart and bring a smile. Here is a collection of some amazing gift ideas from Club Factory.

Charging station and a valet
A key to every successful man lies in his punctuality and the way he organizes his stuff. So why not offer him something that will help make his morning routine effortlessly streamlined.With one of these handy charging valets from Club Factory, he will never be left hunting for his phone or a charger again.

A Neck Pillow and Eye Mask
Sometimes, the simplest of things can bring greatest comfort. If your valentine is a travel junky, get them a neck pillow in their favorite color along with an eye mask - because who wouldn’t want a good snooze during hectic hours of travel? Bonus point – it’s a good way to remind them of you while they are traveling. You can get some cool eye masks with eye catching quotes at an unbeaten price starting Rs 200.

Infusion water Bottles
Perk up your Valentine’s Day and help your partner stay hydrated and healthy with this unconventional infusion water bottle. Grab a cute infusion bottle from Club Factory and simply add frozen or fresh fruit along with flat or sparkling water for them to enjoy a refreshing, fruit-infused water break.

An Ultimate Beard Kit
One can never go wrong with gifting a guy what he loves the most. Grab a Beard Kit with all beard essentials and you are good to impress him this Valentine’s. Club Factory offers a wide range of products that you can choose from including bear oil, serums, waxes and combs.

Sports Gears & Supports
If your partner is a fitness freak and Stretch, Cardio, Repeatis their mantra, look no further. Club Factory’s wide array of Sports and Fitness range offers a variety of sports accessories and tools to gift your loved ones. Indulge your partner with fitness and body building accessories, sports gear, running shoes or even sports clothing. You can even find many a products for couple workout sessions!

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