With 1 Million HikeMojis Created In Beta; Hike Announces Official Roll-Out With 1,200+ New Components, User-Generated Stickers & More - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


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With 1 Million HikeMojis Created In Beta; Hike Announces Official Roll-Out With 1,200+ New Components, User-Generated Stickers & More

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· The latest version makes the HikeMoji even more life-like with thousands of components, faster ML and new features 
·  Users can now choose from a range of 1200+ components across facial features, expressions, emotions, accessories & more
·  The ML on the platform has improved significantly and now combs more than 100 quintillion combinations giving users the most diverse & hyper-local avatar till date
·    New features include user-generated stickers which allow users to turn their text into their personalised HikeMoji Stickers
·     Users can now also add their HikeMoji Stickers to WhatsApp 
·  HikeMoji is the first step towards the upcoming social product from Hike aimed at transforming shared experiences online

Hike, India’s AI-led Unicorn today announced the official launch of HikeMoji, India’s first hyper-local & personalised avatar. HikeMoji was launched in beta on 15 November 2019 & has already witnessed more than 1 Million HikeMojis created till date. 

The ML on the platform has also significantly scaled from combing 100 trillion combinations in beta to 100 quintillion combinations in V1 rolled out today. This results in a HikeMoji created in under 3 seconds that’s more life-like than ever before. Inspired by the diversity of India, this also makes HikeMoji the largest platform for hyper local avatar creation. 

The upgrade also brings users new features such as user generated stickers & seamless addition to WhatsApp. Through user-generated stickers, users can now convert anything they type into exclusive HikeMoji Stickers of themselves & easily add to WhatsApp in one click.

HikeMoji users can now play around with over 1,200 components including hairstyles, skin shades, accessories, facial features, expressions and even emotions giving them a chance to enjoy an avatar that not only reflects their personality but also their mood. The transition from beta to V1 also gives users a variety of features including dimples, freckles, cheek-lines and more.

The latest features added to the platform are set to spoil Hike users for choice with an option to personalize their HikeMoji looks choosing from:

·         350+ Hairstyles
·         20+ Skin Shades
·        Over a million eye colours across the color intensity scale
·         20+ Face Shapes
· 400+ Accessories (including newly introduced hair & neck accessories, gadgets, earrings, Maang tikas and more)
·         40+ Eye Shapes

 “The traction is incredible with over 1M+ HikeMojis created in beta alone. We’re excited to officially roll this out in V1 with a lot more detail, better ML to make it easier to create your HikeMoji and you can now also take your HikeMoji with you to other messaging platforms.”, said Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike.

Kavin added, “There’s a lot more coming. We’re just getting started.”
Hike also recently shared the first look of its upcoming new offering HikeLand and HikeMoji is set to play a key role in the new virtual world Hike is building.

New Delhi, February 19, 2020

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