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Is Coronavirus Outbreak Leading To A New Educational Revolution In India?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of hassle around the nation. It has affected every sector and has certainly put the entire nation on alert mode. While most of the corporate industry is functioning from home, what about the students?  March-April is the exam season across India and schools shutting down during these crucial months can highly impact students academic growth.

With this uncertainty on the horizon, edtech startups in India have decided to take it upon themselves to help students stay at home without compromising on their lessons. Startups like BYJU’S, Vedantu, EduBrisk and Toppr, are offering various online courses for free.

Last week, UNESCO announced that 13 countries have closed schools, affecting over 290 million children, while nine other countries have implemented localized closures. Tapping the right opportunity with 250 million school-going students in India, it is of paramount importance that their health is protected while also ensuring that their education is not interrupted. UNESCO also suggested that learning platforms can help students access quality education remotely during times like these.

Taking this into the consideration, EduBrisk a brain-friendly educational solutions platform to schools and students has also stood up to help the studemtsThey have started training teachers for free so that they can use EduBrisk’s platform for e-teaching during this time of Coronavirus and have also started providing free demo accounts to students who have exams or who need to complete their syllabus on high priority.

Edubrisk, along with other edtech platforms have also stated that they are noticing an increase in the number of users on their platform. The situation seems quite similar to Nov. 8, 2016 when digital payments companies became mainstream in India overnight after the government suddenly decided to demonetize two high-value currency notes. Now, education technology (edtech) firms are hoping for an encore in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

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