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Asus’s First TVC ‘The Edge Of The World’ Echoes Its Ethos And Promise Of Innovation

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The latest TVC by Asus offers an exciting fresh perspective on laptop ads

The ever-changing market dynamics is pushing brands to be more experimental and adventurous with digital storytelling. After already piquing everyone’s interest with first-of-its-kind the offering of dual-screen laptops, Asus has released a brand new TVC for the same. The short commercial adeptly captures the theme of ‘The Edge of the World’, as was palpable in Asus’ launch of world’s first Dual 4K Screen Zenbook Pro Duo, The Laptop of Tomorrow.

The world was once considered flat, until Ferdin and Magellan established the first circumnavigation of earth. Similarly, set in the backdrop of the 1500s, the TVC has sailors setting out in the deep ocean to address unanswered questions. When the sailors in the lower deck discovers that they are approaching the edge of the world, panic spreads like wildfire.

Amidst the commotion, we see some sailors abandoning the ship while one seeks council with the captain who's positioned on the top of the masthead with his telescope. He alone seems composed as he takes his ship beyond the edge. The film is a fresh cut on laptop advertising and tells a unique story in a world that is cluttered by spec-talk and jargons.

New Delhi, January 8, 2020


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