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Regional SMEs To Leverage The Power Of Agile Communications With Avaya IP Office Subscription

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Avaya launches IP Office Subscription, the simple way to deploy the leading all-in-one communications and collaboration platform for SMEs without upfront investment.

As global demand for easy-to-deploy communications solutions intensifies, Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) today made it easier than ever for regional small and medium-sized businesses to leverage the power of agile communications with the launch of Avaya IP Office Subscription. This new offer is now available from Avaya Partners in select countries in the Middle East, Africa and India.

Coming at a time of increased remote working, necessitating the adoption of robust communications technologies, the launch creates a new, subscription-based way of consuming the leading all-in-one communications platform for companies up to 3,000 users, and which currently serves over 26 million users worldwide.

Avaya IP Office delivers powerful communications in a simple package designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, which account for up to 95% of the total industrial units in India. A single app provides voice, video, messaging, and conferencing and keeps employees productive on any device from any location.  Avaya Call Reporting is also an option to provide simple customer interaction management.

Avaya IP Office subscription supports Avaya’s latest award-winning smart phones and devices and these can also be purchased with low monthly payments.  For team collaboration, the cloud-based Avaya Spaces is also available in many areas.

Traditionally, the adoption of leading communication platforms involves large fixed costs and long-term vendor commitments, with cloud-hosted communications often untenable because of legal challenges. Avaya IP Office Subscription helps to answer these problems with an easy-to-deploy, technically advanced solution that can be consumed on a per-user, per-month basis. 

“Recent announcement brings Avaya IP Office up to another new level helping the organizations that are culturally ready to digitally transform but are unable or unwilling to make upfront investments in the technologies that will enable this transformation. The newly developed Avaya IP Office Subscription solves this challenge by making one of the most sought communications platforms easy to deploy and available on an attractive pricing plan,” said Vishal Agrawal, Avaya’s Managing Director, India & SAARC.

Avaya IP Office Subscription will be made available to select countries through the Avaya Channel Market Place, a brand-new tool for Avaya channel partners to order and purchase Avaya licenses, massively reducing sales and deployment times. Born out of Avaya’s cloud-first approach to business, the Avaya Channel Market Place will simplify any IP Office Subscription sales process, improving the solution’s already impressive time to value.

“We plan to deliver customizable solutions based on the Avaya IP Office platforms to enable our existing and joint customers to create prompt and coherent experiences. Avaya IP Office Subscription will provide us with a more focused route through which we can Avaya’s UC and CC solutions in the way that caters to our customers’ needs,” said Uma Shankar Bantwal, CEO, VIS Networks Pvt Ltd., a leading Communications and CX Management Solutions provider.

Flexible user solutions tailored to fit the needs of different kinds of employees are available through the solution - from those who only require basic capabilities, through office workers with collaboration needs, to power users who are highly mobile. Organizations need only select the types and numbers of users that they need, and choose between a one- or three-year plan.

Finally, Avaya IP Office Subscription retains the platform’s market-leading developer ecosystem, which enables one of the best-of-breed AI, collaboration and social technologies to be placed on top of existing infrastructures. With the new offering, these services are even easier to consume, and can simply be added to any subscription plan. 

Interested customers are encouraged to contact Avaya or their Avaya Partner for more information about offer availability and details.

India— April 23, 2020