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- Avaya OneCloud ReadyNow Provides Unified Communications and Contact Center via Private Cloud for Exceptional Security, Flexibility, Customization and Speed-to-Deploy

- IBM also Names Avaya as Leading Embedded Applications Solutions Partner

Today, during the first digital IBM Think Conference, IBM presented Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) with the 2020 IBM Award for Hybrid Cloud Excellence. This accolade recognizes the outstanding performance of the Avaya OneCloud ReadyNow private cloud solution for Unified Communications and Contact Center as a Service, providing enterprise organizations with a fast, convenient and automated path to the benefits of cloud communications. Avaya OneCloud ReadyNow offerings feature per-seat consumption and standard bundles of both united communications and contact center solutions, helping to reduce risk, cost and complexity for clients’ transition to a cloud platform from on-premise solutions.

Avaya and IBM have partnered to expand the global availability of Avaya OneCloud ReadyNow solutions to meet growing demand from clients around the world. Many organizations are interested in the benefits of a cloud offering, such as an opex-based consumption model, flexibility and speed of deployment. However, they have control and security concerns, along with a desire for more customizable applications to meet their unique requirements, that a public offering can’t match. Avaya and IBM are able to provide the flexibility they need in a private or hybrid model.

IBM also presented Avaya with the IBM Excellence Award – North America Top Embedded Application Solution. The IBM Geography Excellence Awards recognize IBM Business Partners that deliver stand out results within their geography to help drive business value and transform the way clients and industries operate.

India, May 6, 2020


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