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Cyber-Threats In The Age Of Coronavirus - McAfee Survey Report

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- Steve Grobman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee

Change is a constant in technology, and the greatest changes are often driven by major events that fundamentally reshape how people work and conduct business. In the Age of Coronavirus, more than ever, technology and cybersecurity must keep pace with disruption and change, adapt to adversity, and even accelerate their development wherever possible.

The enormous increase in remote work over the last couple of months has placed new pressure on organizations to ensure that employees working from home can access corporate resources from outside corporate-controlled offices and infrastructure. Simultaneously, cybercriminals are seeking to gain from the strain this places on technologies, business procedures, and processes. A critical and effective vector for these adversaries exploiting the health and economic concerns created by the pandemic.

This week, McAfee Labs released a report entitled “COVID-19: Malware Makes Hay During a Pandemic” to highlight the last few months of pandemic-themed threat landscape activity. The threats typically leverage a phishing email delivery method, with Coronavirus themes and messages developed to lure employees and family members into engaging with and enabling threats to gain a foothold on their systems.

Once established, that foothold can allow cyber adversaries to download malware used to steal
corporate usernames and passwords, data, monitor employee user activity, capture user keystrokes, track network traffic and browser activity, and infiltrate networks and cloud services beyond the home. They can impersonate their victim to send emails from the infected machines to propagate themselves on numerous other systems. In the case of ransomware, they could encrypt system files and refuse to decrypt them until the victim sends them a ransom payment.