Gleeden Dating App Brings Positivity Towards The Future And Dating! - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

About 72% of Gleeden users are most likely meet their online fling post the lockdown restrictions are lifted

The COVID times have taught all of us the importance of love and relationships. While existing relationships have grown stronger, many people have tried to fill the emptiness in their life with the help of dating apps like Gleeden.

Gleeden which is an extramarital dating app noticed a significant trend in their consumer behaviour as the traffic on their platform has started to commence in its usual pattern i.e pre-corona times. The most connections have been noticed on a Monday morning and the graph goes down as we move towards Friday. During the lockdown period, they had a flat curve where there was not much difference among the week days.

The lockdown also saw an increase in what Gleeden calls a “committed relationship”, which means users having longer and more frequent chats with the same profiles on a regular basis. After the lockdown restrictions have started being lifted Gleeden has observed that the new users, especially men have started reaching out to multiple profiles at one go.  

Though a majority of people on Gleeden still prefer “virtual relationships” as their primary option, the platform has off late witnessed an urge of physical dating among its users. According to a survey that they conducted among the community last week, 72% of their members are most likely to meet their online fling in the near future while 15% are dicey about it. 10% of the users would like to keep it restricted to online encounters only while the remaining 3% are finding it hard to decide.

The future seems bright and positive seeing the enthusiasm of these love birds. Though the platform of Gleeden is still encouraging its users and everyone worldwide to stay at their homes and not take any risks. Virtual is the safest distance and Gleeden is the safest app for extramarital encounters.