Nikhil Arora, VP And MD, GoDaddy India Debuts e-Book On Post COVID-19 Business And Leadership Changes - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Nikhil Arora, VP And MD, GoDaddy India Debuts e-Book On Post COVID-19 Business And Leadership Changes

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With a vision to help entrepreneurs and business leaders identify rapidly changing priorities and social and workplace norms amidst the ongoing global pandemic



Nikhil Arora, Vice President and Managing Director, GoDaddy India, today launched his first e-book, The Subtle Shifts of Radical Change around the theme of navigating everyday changes in business, work and leadership in a post-COVID-19 world. As the world undergoes transformational changes across all spheres, the book, based on the author’s observations as a business leader and expert on corporate response to the pandemic, is designed to help entrepreneurs and business leaders recognize the key markers of change and make the required shifts to survive and thrive in the new normal.



The Subtle Shifts of Radical Change elaborates on steering one’s career, business or organization through an amplified sense of ambiguity, rapidly changing priorities and displaced social and workplace norms. It offers a perspective on how adopting a discovery driven model help current and future business leaders adapt to the new normal and pursue their business goals. The book delves into the need for modern organizations to be more agile and empathetic, while being focused on understanding the evolving needs of their consumers and workforce. It presents the author’s perspective on digital transformation, innovation, remote work, and data mobilization in the wake of COVID-19, and the impact of these trends on the future of work and careers.



With the onset of the pandemic, Nikhil has been working with several government and local organizations to help enable communities from financially weaker social groups and equip them to deal with effects of the crisis. These include organizations working for people in informal settlements and helping them with their daily dietary requirements; firms working for women and child safety and their nutritional requirements and trusts like Zariya Foundation by Indian music composer duo Salim-Sulaiman, to support local folk musicians from remote parts of the country.



The Subtle Shifts of Radical Change is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle starting today for a menial price of INR 298. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to causes supporting COVID-19 relief initiatives in India.






New Delhi, 20 August, 2020