The Edtech Space Is The New Eye Candy For VC & Investor Firms - GADGET-INNOVATIONS



India has the largest population in the age group of five to 24, with 250 million school-going students, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation, a government trust.



The need for upgrading the online education system has been pending for a long time in India but in the last couple of years the edtech industry has scaled up. The nationwide lockdown due to the covid-19 also enabled these edtech firms to meet their long-term business goals in just a span of just six months.



This scenario is also attracting a lot of Investors from diverse sectors towards the online education space as Investors are foreseeing the future of Indian education through these edtech platforms. Let’s have a look at what these booming edtech platforms have to say about the current Indian education ecosystem.



Going forward, industry stakeholders see opportunities for more sustainable and mature solutions, as they start catering to different income groups and specialized learning needs.



Due to the rise of edtech platforms we have seen a major shift from classrooms to smart devices, the medium of education and learning in India has gone through a paradigm shift.



Elaborating the subject, Mr. Vipul Sobti, Business Head, Unthinkable Solutions LLP says, Education needed a lot of innovation and technology had a large role to play. It's long pending due to education systems across boundaries. With lockdown, online platforms played a critical role in education delivery. These platforms did exist for a long time and the situation accelerated adoption. No doubt, stakeholders across realised the true potential in technology and edtech emerged as a promising sector for investors. It's just the beginning and the sector has a lot of scope for innovations and scale.




Road ahead is bright for both B2B/B2C initiatives with 3 Mn schools and 500 Mn students. Upcoming 5G will further strengthen the reach and shall drive penetration across tiers. Declining cost of tech ownership and wide availability shall fuel the adoption. We may expect heavy funding and mergers & acquisitions in future. In all, it will improve the quality of education and make it affordable”



India has seen a massive 14% increase in the addressable base for internet services in just one year and the number of wireless internet subscribers has mounted upto 665 Mn by Q3 2019.  This rate of adoption has meant great things for startups and digital products and services and has given rise to personalisation and convenience when it comes to the school curriculum and off- classroom learning.



Expressing his views on the same Mr Diwakar Chittora - Founder & CEO at IntelliPaat says "In this covid19 situation where every other sector is struggling to survive, Edtech is one only sector that has seen maximum traction from VC/ PE’s, and the Edtech industry has seen the highest investments in the last 3 months. Due to COVID19, the complete education sector has been forced to move online whether its schools or colleges or traditional classroom training centers, and if we see the education sector has moved 10 yrs ahead. With a lot of job losses around the globe, there is a heavy demand for high-quality skills programs that can help freshers and professionals to secure their careers and job in this pandemic situation”



The online education space also witnessed some innovative & progressive study solutions. Teaching entrepreneurship to students from a nascent age is one of the many outstanding concepts in the market.



On the matter, Mr. Pavan Allena,  Founder & CEO of MetamorphosisEdu says, "Today edtech platforms are going toe-to-toe with the education institutions in order to create a feasible environment for the students. The wide acceptability & usage of the internet has certainly helped a great deal in this. We at MetamorhosisEdu being the only platform in the world to be providing entrepreneurship training to class 6th – 12th students are also hell bent to come up with interesting online study modules that encourages students to take on entrepreneurship at a young age so that they can actively contribute in the mainstream flow of Atmanirbhar Bharat.


Of late, the Edtech sector has witnessed some steep growth both in terms of utilization and acceptance. This welcome development has not only opened up various avenues for education but is also luring in investment from all across the board. Funders are now actively investing in the wide array of edtech firms in the market in order to receive quick ROI and to also help build a brand for the future!"