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High-Tech Solutions For The New Age Hybrid Control Rooms

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Akin to a war room, control rooms are operation centers where real-time, mission-critical decisions are taken. In such precarious situations, smart control room solutions bring multiple modes of data together. The accelerating spread of Covid-19 is leading to a robust adoption of new digital technologies across industries. Next-generation Hybrid Control Room Solutions, equipped with innovative enabler technologies, are in high demand as organizations address the new normal.

Here are some of the hybrid control room solutions that enterprises, across sectors, are adopting to equip their war rooms for the new normal.

Secure and Personalised workspaces – The pandemic has made hybrid workplaces a reality. Global visualization technology major Barco’s OpSpace is the first personal workspace that creates a single work station – consisting of a number of displays on the operator’s desk – for viewing, monitoring and interacting with multiple clients across networks, with different security clearances or liability concerns. With all relevant information available for consultation within a single pixel space, with just one mouse and keyboard, the operator is at the center of the information and has all data within easy reach. Offering a more ergonomic and intuitive way of working, Barco’s OpSpace contributes to lower stress levels and better decision-making while providing secure access across multiple domains. Designed for use in 24/7 environments, OpSpace is stable, flexible, and robust, the perfect addition to a hybrid control room.

Centralized computing solutions – Control rooms are an integral part of emergency call centers, air traffic control, secure data centers, manufacturing plants, power stations and military facilities. These stations are high-pressure, time constrained and mission-critical Control Room environments working to rigorous standards and targets. In such situations, centralized computing solutions with secure and flexible applications can save time and effort. For instance, Adder’s high-performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) solutions offer control rooms reliability, security, and efficiency benefits as well as ergonomic improvements to the command centre.

Media streaming solutions – Hybrid control rooms require inputs from stakeholders who may be offering expert guidance remotely. A secure and convenient media streaming solution enables seamless sharing of content from the control room to external stakeholders. Global visualisation technology major Barco offers the innovative media streaming solution SecureStream, featuring a very intuitive user interface that allows control room operators to drag and drop video or data sources into a channel that can be shared with field staff or external experts.

Task-specific consoles – Aimed at boosting the functionality of hybrid control rooms, task-specific consoles are primarily focused on the comfort of operators to enhance their alertness during operating and controlling various mission critical 24/7 operations. TechSIS Ltd. provides best in class consoles that deliver ergonomic excellence along with aesthetically superior designs while also ensuring foolproof security.

Change is the only constant and the pandemic has, indeed, led to several alterations. People and industries are adapting to the new normal through digitally disruptive new-age technologies and control room hybridization is the next step. Upgraded control rooms will enable organisations to ensure seamless monitoring and management in the hybrid new normal.