Economic Security Cannot Be Treated As Separate From Physical Security: Mr Balesh Kumar, Principal Director General, Directorate Of Revenue Intelligence

“National security needs to be looked at holistically. We must understand that economic security cannot be treated as something separate from physical security,” said Mr Balesh Kumar, Principal Director General, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), while discussing the smuggling scenario in the country at the FICCI CASCADE ‘In Conversation Series’. Speaking on the challenging security environment that India faced, Mr. Kumar was underling the need for all law enforcement agencies to have a constant vigil to prevent smuggling as well as to ensure that necessary inputs were available to prevent potential terror attacks funded both externally and internally.


Highlighting the unwavering efforts of DRI officers during the unprecedented coronavirus crisis, Mr Kumar informed that DRI has strategically focused on smuggling of cigarettes and gold this year seizing illicit cigarettes worth Rs. 45 crores and gold worth Rs. 275 crores in the last 9 months.


FICCI CASCADE has launched an ‘In Conversation Series’ to share insights and deepen understanding on the various facets of illicit trade such as smuggling and counterfeiting with various subject matter experts. As part of the series, Mr Balesh Kumar discussed the threat posed by smuggling to India’s security and economy, the pattern of smuggling due to COVID-19, preparedness of enforcement agencies in terms of adequacy of manpower and resources, and terrorism financing through the proceeds of smuggling.


FICCI CASCADE has been, over the years, actively focusing on curbing the problem of growing illicit trade in smuggled, pass-offs and counterfeit goods and have been conducting dialogues focusing on identifying opportunities for joint actions to combat this menace. The interaction revolved around the collaborative role of law enforcement machinery, government and industry in thwarting this menace besides the need for collaboration through data sharing mechanisms and knowledge dissemination. 











NEW DELHI, 28 December 2020