iFFALCON Launches K61-4K Android TV At INR 24,999 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

iFFALCON Launches K61-4K Android TV At INR 24,999

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Now users can get so many advanced technologies like 4K upscaling, micro dimming, Dolby Audio, dynamic color enhancement, etc. at an affordable price segment, taking home entertainment to new heights

· The latest addition aims to enhance users’ entertainment experience to a new level

· Features high-end technologies such as 4K upscaling, micro dimming, Dolby Audio, dynamic color enhancement, etc.


iFFALCON, the sub-brand of TCL, has finally launched its latest 4K Android TV, K61, starting at INR 24,999 on Flipkart. The launch underlines the brand’s commitment to creating and delivering innovation-driven smart televisions to consumers who are always on the lookout for something new in the market. Moreover, the brand-new TV set will also help strengthen iFFALCON’s existing portfolio and give customers worthy reasons to prefer this brand over others, with its high-end technology and affordable price.

Slim Design


The device sports a metallic body with a bezel-less design, which makes it look stunning compared to conventional models and enables it to offer an immersive full-screen viewing experience. Moreover, it is designed in such a manner that it can easily mount to the wall, thus leaving no gaps between the TV and the wall surface.

4K Upscaling


This feature enables the device to enhance the picture and video quality from four dimensions: clarity, color, detail, and frequency. It doesn’t matter whether the quality of the content is FHD or 2K. The ultimate viewing experience will be 4K.

Dynamic Color Enhancement


The device leverages a rich color algorithm to detect the input visual signal and adjust the picture to improve the overall display effect. It can automatically brighten up a low color display and convert it into a high color display to deliver a premium video experience to users.

Micro Dimming


K61 also features micro dimming designed to augment the picture quality by analyzing each frame of video. It optimizes the LED backlight and video signal in real-time, thus converting the incoming signals and adjusting the lighter and darker part of the image precisely in a manner they are meant to be.

Dolby Audio


Dolby Audio ensures better and louder audio output on small speakers and delivers optimized and immersive surround sound quality to users. With this, users can take their entertainment experience to a new level at home.

AI x IoT


With this feature, users can get all their Google Home enabled home devices connected and controlled through the TV. On top of this, you can operate all your home devices using simple voice commands through an AI voice interaction feature. Be it dimming the lights, controlling the robot vacuum, or setting the AC temperature.  



This is iFFALCON’s content channel, which has an interface designed in the form of a waterfall, presenting a continuous stream layout of content, both local and international, to users. The vast pool includes movies, TV shows, games, and apps, offering a total of 1062000 hours of content for users to watch and enjoy.

Delhi, December 10, 2020