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Geospatial Data Announcement - Comments From Sajid Malik, CMD Genesys Intl.

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Commenting on the announcement Sajid Malik, CMD Genesys International, India's sole 3D mapping company said, "We welcome the path-breaking announcement and commencement of a new era in Indian GeoSpatial data collection and publishing. Being the first and only Pan India map platform, we understand the policy thrust to empower Indian capability as well. Having successfully created 360 degree immersive street imagery of all major Indian cities and undertaking several path-breaking projects for the Government of India, we foresee a positive impact on several industries and overall on the economy as well. 



We believe the policy is balanced as it also clears the way for foreign companies to operate without any ambiguity while empowering Indian companies."

Further, this announcement reaffirms our unique capability in all kinds of high definition mapping from drones, aircraft's, satellites, mobile/terrestrial, to underground the company has done pioneering work in India and abroad. Our experience using lidar property survey for India, the first digital twin 3D mapping of Jaipur city, to difficult terrain mapping like the mapping of Indian slums to alleviate the Indian poor to the mapping of sensitive border roads to emergency response/disaster management projects for Uttarakhand and other areas is in sync with the new guidelines and augurs well for the furtherance of the Indian dream of being a $5 trillion economy.