Kestone’s Virsa BOT - India’s First AI Powered Virtual Event Smart Assistance To Increase Audience Average Engagement Time By 5x - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Kestone’s Virsa BOT - India’s First AI Powered Virtual Event Smart Assistance To Increase Audience Average Engagement Time By 5x

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Virsa to empower and personalize both content dissemination and consumption

Kestone, India’s leading data-driven integrated sales and marketing services company, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Career Launcher (NSE, BSE: CLEDUCATE), today announced the launch of VIRSA BOT - India’s first AI powered Virtual Event Smart Assistance whose intelligent make and analytic capability can increase average audience engagement time at virtual events by multi-fold.  

Gaining in-depth accurate behavioral insights and comprehending the audience psyche will no longer be a pain point for marketers now. Designed exclusively to interpret data right from the registration process, VIRSA with AI driven algorithms can not only provide personalized recommendations to the event organizer about content choice and sessions topics assessing the attendees’ business profile for improved event strategy, but also is fully empowered to filter and recommend sessions, resources and indicative business contacts for interaction for the attendee once he/she logs in. 


Discovering relevant content, speakers and sessions and connecting to peers and business leads will be easier.  Another great feature of VIRSA is speech-text conversion, known as Virsa Notes. VIRSA listens to all the sessions and takes a note of every aspect of the deliberation. So, in-case anyone misses a particular session, Virsa will convert that session into text with 85% accuracy. 

Kestone’s virtual event platform which is India’s first, entirely home-grown, experiential “virtual platform” with a 360-degree integrated marketing and branding assistance has replicated every element of an offline events experience into it, offering limitless possibilities for businesses to collaborate, communicate and grow across sectors. Kestone has already done more than 10000 hours of streaming and engaged over 5 million audience over a span of 8months in the virtual space.  


With 94% brands aiming at exploring digital IPs for improved consumer attraction and retention in the new normal, Hybrid events will be the future for event industry. Tech innovation under ‘Virtual’ and ‘Hybrid’ models is redefining the industry. For India, which ranks 63rd in Global Ease of Doing Business 2020 and 68th in Global Entrepreneurship Index; post pandemic business engagements and communication will be driven virtually, upping the market potential of VIRSA in terms of the growing market demand extensively. 

15 February 2021, New Delhi, India