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25% Of Respondents Say Their Organization’s Applications Are Not Fully Protected In The Public Cloud 

Global survey highlights web application security challenge due to rapid cloud adoption as 86% of Indian respondents report cyber attacks



·  11% of Indian respondents report being targeted by a cyber-attack at least once, highlighting a serious global security challenge.

·  An average of 8 hours spent on preventing and managing cyber-attacks by Indian respondents

·  25% of respondents say their organization’s applications are not fully protected in the public cloud

·  Indian respondents understand the need to protect applications that can be accessed by external users (91%), involve e-commerce or PII (92%), or can be accessed via mobile devices (94%)


Barracuda, a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today released key findings from a report titled Securing Your Apps in the Borderless CloudThe report takes an in-depth look at public cloud adoption trends, network and application vulnerabilities, and a variety of related security concerns amid rapid cloud adoption. 



The global survey, commissioned by Barracuda and conducted by independent market researcher Vanson Bourne, includes responses from 750 IT decision makers who are responsible for their organization’s cloud infrastructure of which 250 were in APAC. They came from organizations of all sizes and across a broad range of sectors. 



The report highlights the rising security challenge and associated costs in the India. Overall, cyberattacks in all geographic regions have increased by about 20% since 2017. In India, 86% of respondents report being targeted by a cyberattack at least once, with 51% saying they have been attacked between two and five times. Another 14% are not aware of falling victim to cyberattacks. Organizations spend between one and two days per week on average preventing and managing cyberattacks. Time spent on this work is highest in India, an average of 8 hours. 



A quarter (25%) of Indian respondents do not feel they are fully protected in the cloud and 58% of them fear that their day-to-day operations might get crippled due to temporary shutdown of mission-critical applications. Apart from this, falling behind the competitors (53%), fear of losing sensitive and mission-critical data loss (52%). being subject to a successful cyber-attack (50%) and lost customers (47%) are their top security concerns.  Despite the growing confidence in the public cloud in general, 65% of Indian respondents have added extra security solutions to their public cloud deployments to protect it during access. 



Most respondents realize the potential risks of application vulnerabilities and understand the need to enhance the protection of web-facing applications. They believe that they need to protect applications that can be accessed by external users (91%), involve e-commerce or PII (92%), or can be accessed via mobile devices (94%). 





India, 4 February 2021