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NITCO Introduced Italian Made 8x4 Feet Tile Slabs

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·         The NITCO Made in Italy Collection is one of its kind, available in large sizes of 8x4 ft, and the only tiles in India suitable for heavy duty areas like shopping malls, airports etc . 


NITCO Ltd, India’s trendsetter brand, unveiled its wide range of Made In Italy tiles that are environment friendly. Globally certified as COVID-19 sanitisation resistant, these tiles have the highest durability and unique Italian designs that captivate all the senses. The collection boasts of a range in all sizes from small, medium to extra large, (2x1 ft, 2x2 ft, 2x4 ft to 8x4 ft) covering all popular colour ranges from Marble, Stone, Cement and the Nuevo Italian Look, a modern mix typology. 

To top it all, the new range of large format tiles comes with the best in class latest technology, in 6mm thickness (8x4 ft), along with the highest strength and durability in the industry, higher than any existing tile. This combination of full body unglazed tiles, made with only natural clay and usage for heavy duty areas like shopping malls, airports etc. is the only-one-in-India feature.

The 3 new XL designs in the Made In Italy Collection are available in interesting colors like Azul (Blue), and Black & White Graphite. This collection allows customers to experiment with bold shades both in residential and in public projects.

Italian precision technology makes these tiles technically superior and the right choice for usage across all application areas such as outdoors, commercial areas, and residential, for both wall and floor applications.

The Mumbai-based company had previously launched its first set of Made In Italy tiles - Aeon, Earth and Nordic. 



The Made In Italy tiles collection can be explored on

Mumbai, March 22, 2021