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PinkAprons: Spreading Festive Joys With An Online Cooking Competition

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India is a versatile nation with several cultures, festivals, and traditional dishes. Holi, one of the most fun-filled festivals is just around the corner and we Indians do not lag when it comes to Holi celebrations. To provide the true essence of Holi with a twist and a nostalgic cooking experience like never before, PinkAprons invites you all to invent your recipe in a cooking competition “Foodvention”.



The 10 days online contest scheduled from 18 March to 27 March will help to document your culinary expertise and take it to a wider audience with innovative recipes.



This is how it will work:


Step 1: Get registered for this unique contest by paying Rs 159 at PinkAprons’ Facebook Event page



Step 2: Prepare a tri-color dish using any 3 ingredients from these:  Pineapple/Grapes/Cheese/Semolina/Chocolate/Caramel



Step 3: Via pics or video, show how you made the dish, your kitchen set-up and why you made this dish



Step 4: Share the dish on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #HoliKaSwadPinkApronsKeSaath and #PinkApronsIndia. On Instagram, tagging @PinkApronsIndia is mandatory.



This is a fun and engaging cook-off contest, whose aim is to discover new culinary talents and to introduce and promote the HomeChefs, and inspire them to launch their respective careers.



There will be one grand winner, and two runners-up, who will get Certificates, Rs 5100 cash prizes and Gift hampers. The prizes are sponsored by “GauEcoGram - Agrovikas Producer Company”; FoodGinie - Ghar se door.. Ghar ka khana!!” & “Sana's Herbs and Nature”.



So, light up the festive spirit as well as soak in the holiday season with the most heartfelt cooking contest by PinkAprons.



Registration Link:




Pune, Maharashtra- March 18, 2021