Infobip Launches Its New Global Startup Program - Infobip Startup Tribe - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Infobip Launches Its New Global Startup Program - Infobip Startup Tribe

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 infobip startup tribe - new global startup program


The program will seek out the most innovative and impactful startups, assisting them with growth tools, credit allowances and network support  


Global communications company Infobip today announces the launch of its Infobip Startup Tribe program. The program will be led by newly appointed director Nikola Pavesic who joins from one of the world's largest business media publishers and Financial Times parent company – Nikkei. Mr. Pavesic is based in Japan where he headed Nikkei’s startup and investor relations, alongside leading the largest tech conference series in Japan.


Infobip Startup Tribe is a bespoke program aimed at finding and bringing together the world’s most innovative startups to help fast-track their growth and development.



Qualifying startups will be able to apply for substantial credit allowances on Infobip’s products and services worth up to $60,000 that will enable them to grow their customer base through omnichannel communication. Further on, Infobip plans to provide hands-on support in the sales and product fields though Infobip’s vast global teams. The Infobip Startup Tribe will also have at their disposal the resources of Infobip’s 65+ global offices, wherever available, and a special relationship with Infobip Shift – the newly acquired leading developer conference.



In addition to Infobip’s offerings, the program tapped external expertise to assist qualified startups, first with a unique Advisory Council comprising of top investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.



Furthermore, Infobip has also confirmed partnerships with the world’s leading accelerators like Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Techstars and many other venture capital funds. Startups that apply for the Infobip Startup Tribe program, which are already funded by partnered VCs and accelerators will be receiving additional credits and benefits within the program.



“Startups have always been a personal passion of mine, with Infobip Shift originally being a Startup Conference, it’s really great to, as part of our new Developer Experience Department, get back to my roots and help the community, albite this time it is the global community.” – said Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip.



Infobip has purposely ensured flexible application criteria ensuring it casts a wider net for startups consisting of up to 100 employees or those that have not received more than $5M in funding, subject to exceptions for whomever demonstrates impact and high-growth potential.

Interested startups can learn more and quickly apply by visiting

New Delhi, 26th May 2021