Hiring Platform Apna.co Helps India’s Medical And Healthcare Sector With An Uninterrupted Workforce Access - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Hiring Platform Apna.co Helps India’s Medical And Healthcare Sector With An Uninterrupted Workforce Access

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Apna offered access to over 50,000 job opportunities in the last quarter to bridge aspiring workforce with employers instantly

Apna, one of the leading hiring platforms dedicated to India’s frontline workforce, is helping Indian businesses hire efficiently in the shortest time. As a platform with technological might, Apna has contributed to the medical and healthcare industry to keep afloat India’s fight against Covid 19. Apna has amplified its efforts to provide hospitals, e-pharmacies, and delivery companies’ workforce for critical and essential roles.



In the last quarter, the Apna platform has catered to over 2500 organizations directly or indirectly allied to healthcare. The companies offered over 50,000 openings for the roles that ranged from Nurses (General), Nurses (Covid-19 Duty), Ward Boys, Medical staff, Lab-technicians, Pharmacists, Blood bank technicians, patient caretakers among others. In addition to this, Apna has facilitated 2,50,000 interviews in over 14 cities across India. As a first, the Apna platform creates a digital identity for its users which fast tracks the hiring process by allowing the candidates to connect directly to the HR officers.



The organizations in the healthcare sector and essential services that have recruited the most candidates from the app are:


·  1mg


·  Columbia Asia Hospitals


·  BLK Super Specialty Hospital


·  Max Healthcare


·  Apollo Hospitals


·  Pharmeasy


·  Dr. Lal Path Labs


·  Wellness Forever



As an ubiquitous tech platform dedicated to  India’s workforce, Apna has been contributing to the national employability agenda by facilitating over 3.5 crore interviews pan-India since the first lockdown in March 2020.

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 New Delhi, June 1, 2021