Viewsonic Brings Tech Gifting Options For Your Tech-Savvy Dad, On This Father's Day - GADGET-INNOVATIONS




With Father’s Day just around the corner, selecting the perfect gift can be challenging. Though there’s nothing that can compensate for Dad’s love towards you, but you can pick something which tailors it to his interests, especially with all the "conventional" dad gifts available that are, well, boring.



Whatever you have planned for Father's Day this year, there are plenty of wonderful tech presents to select from for your gadget-obsessed father. And this year, we sought for some unique, unusual gifts for dad in a variety of styles and pricing ranges. 



Here are our top tech gifting selections for your tech-savvy dad:



ViewSonic M2 Projector


ViewSonic M2 Ultra Slim LED based portable projector is one of the perfect gift options for your movie-enthusiast father. It’s a compact, stylish and lightweight projector that contains a built-in streaming mechanism, providing your dad a relaxing environment after a busy day at work. With easy portability, it can also be carried anywhere in a briefcase or a backpack.


Price: 87,852/-






ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector


Another highly-portable, palmtop projector option is ViewSonic M1 Mini projector. It can be placed at multiple angles and positions, including ceiling projection. Providing a decent image quality for photos and videos, it also supports wifi, bluetooth, and is accommodated with a built-in JBL speaker. Your dads can enjoy this special gift by binge-watching his favourite shows/movies, while spending quality time with family. A compact gift with swappable-coloured panels- teal, yellow and grey, it serves as a personal pocket cinema for everyday life.


Price: 22,993/-

ViewSonic XG2405 Gaming Monitor


If your father has a knack for gaming, this gaming monitor will come to your rescue. ViewSonic’s XG2405 Gaming Monitor is a perfect blend of speed, control and visual. With a multi-purpose desktop station contributing for a smooth and crisp gaming experience, this monitor can be your dad’s companion for both work and play. Gift your father hours of comfort with a ‘no-strain-on-the-eyes’ monitor.


Price: 17,990/-





ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Portable Monitor


With a flexible display setup, ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Portable Monitor is a great option for a work-from-home solution. With long working hours, this gift makes an easy and feasible option for dads to work while sitting on bed. Additionally, this monitor can easily be connected with laptops or other devices, and therefore, a feasible option to work with.   


Price: 23,990/-




Show your father the love and care he deserves. Whether you live at home or far away, you can still make his day memorable with these gifting options.