NxtGen’s Expertise In Security Monitoring And Management Will Help Meet Check Point’s Customer Cybersecurity Needs - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

NxtGen’s Expertise In Security Monitoring And Management Will Help Meet Check Point’s Customer Cybersecurity Needs

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NxtGen, a leading cloud-based service and data centre provider in India, has been appointed Check Point Software Technologies’ first India-based managed security services provider (MSSP) partner and will offer Check Point Software cybersecurity solutions as managed services along with its data centre and cloud services. This collaboration will enable organizations of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of protection within data centre and cloud environments through a single point of contact while experiencing savings in operating expenses (OPEX) and improved security posture.  




With the global pandemic, remote work has become a way of life. Workers are more mobile, and applications are being delivered as software as a service (SaaS). Organizations are looking to provide their workforce the ability to access any application securely without sacrificing adaptability, scalability, and experience.



Ensuring Secure Access

The shift to the cloud and remote work that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to rethink their approach to network security. Adopting a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture has been seen as a solution that reaps several benefits, from attaining cloud-centric technology and reducing operational cost, to improving security and reducing threats. In addition, use-case-specific considerations (such as scaling remote access to corporate applications, securing remote web browsing, or moving to cloud-based applications), regulatory concerns, and existing infrastructure investments will continue to necessitate a hybrid approach for most organizations.




Partnering with Check Point Software allows organizations to take an iterative approach to SASE and enable them to transition to the cloud at their own pace. Check Point Harmony Connect redefines SASE by making it easy to access corporate applications, SaaS and the internet for any user or branch, from any device, without compromising on security. It delivers on the SASE vision by unifying management and threat visibility across security tools, protecting users and applications from known and unknown threats regardless of location.




In addition, the Check Point Cloud Guard platform provides cloud-native security with advanced threat prevention for all of organizations’ assets and workloads - in public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments – providing them unified security to automate security everywhere. Maintaining a strong cloud security posture helps organizations achieve lower upfront costs, reduced ongoing operational and administrative costs, ease of scaling, increased reliability and availability, and a whole new way of working.




The primary benefits of securing the identified assets is minimizing the risks as the business

India –September 2, 2021