Chicco’s Latest Range Of Cups To Help Babies Learn To Sip Without Mess ! - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Chicco’s Latest Range Of Cups To Help Babies Learn To Sip Without Mess !

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There comes a time in every baby’s growth where it is necessary to wean them from breast feeding to their First cup. It is not just about the transition from sucking to drinking but it is when your toddler for the first time starts learning how to feed themselves independently.


Learning to drink is a skill that evolves gradually and differs from child to child based on his / her development. Therefore, the Sipper Cup that you choose for your baby is really important at this point. The cup should be of appropriate size and shape, should have a firm grip that can be held by toddler’s little hands. More so, the cups you choose should be capable of capturing the attention as well as the interest of the little ones as they grow step by step.


Chicco with its latest range of Colourful Sipper cups accompanies babies and parents in this beautiful journey and they are surely going to become your new BFF in baby’s drinking training. Aiding to child’s different needs, the brand has designed different options for every phase, right from the essential first cup to the one ideal for learning to drink from a glass. All the Chicco Cups are Spill-proof and made of BPA free material offering maximum protection and hygiene to the babies.


·         Chicco’s perfectly sized cups for your little ones

o   Transition Cup (At 4 Months +) - Ideal for making a smooth and easy transition from breastfeeding to the first cup. It comes with super soft & flexible silicone spout which is gentle on baby’s gums, has easy-grip handles, and its spill proof system allows the baby to drink comfortably without messing his clothes.


o   Training Cup (At 6 months +) - Designed to gradually encourage the child to start drinking on his own.  The shape & positioning of the spout facilitates correct positioning of the baby’s lips and also ensures correct neck posture. The semi-soft spout is not just soft on baby’s gums but is also bite resistant.


o   Sports Cup (At 14 Months +) – Ideal for active and energetic toddlers who are constantly on a move. It helps them get proper hydration when they are indoors or outdoors. It comes with soft silicone straw with flip closure to keep it clean. This double wall insulated cup helps to keep the drinks cooler for long.


Price: MRP 679/-