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Traya Health: A Health Tech Startup For Holistic Treatment Of Hair Loss

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-With a five-month plan backed by an analysis done over 70k hair fall problems online, the company has achieved a record success rate of 93%.

Pioneering a holistic treatment for hair loss that deals with root causes and internal triggers, Traya Health― a new age health startup is ushering in a paradigm shift in hair loss treatment in India. Founded by Saloni Anand and Altaf Saiyed in 2019, the company is leading the way by analysing the root causes of hair-related issues by using its online diagnosis algorithm and providing a doctor-prescribed treatment on a case-to-case basis. 




Notably, Traya has made a conscious decision of choosing to treat patients  only if they are between stages 1-4 of hair loss. Carving a niche for itself backed by tremendous research of analysing hair loss of over 70 thousand people online, it has managed  to achieve a record 93% success rate in treating customers with a personalised five-month plan.




Traya is offering a unique, first-of-its kind combination of  ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with the clinical finesse of dermatology and the long-term benefits of nutrition to create an effective solution. The company provides prescription medication which is prepared on the backend by their team of doctors after analysing each and every case based on hair loss type, stage and different triggers for customers, such as the gut, sleep, stress, lifestyle and nutrition. 



Vowing to do things that make a difference, it gives a tailored diet plan based on the individual's previous health history. Traya Health's findings also suggested that most hair loss treatments are not successful due to a lack of adherence and an incomplete course of medication. 




And therefore, they provide every customer with a hair coach whose job it is to guide and track the customer in their treatment journey. The hair coach makes sure the treatment is used in the right way and provides any assistance the customer needs while on the treatment. 

October 21st, 2021, Mumbai