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Saga Fiction, India’s first mobile fiction app, brings a fresh format of storytelling to readers

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Set to revolutionize how readers consume fiction, India’s foremost mobile fiction app, Saga Fiction is platforming captivating original stories across genres. A bite-sized episodic format, cozy novels and mini novellas dominate the reading rack of the app.

Handpicking feel-good stories, Saga Fiction embraces various genres of commercial fiction. From racy and romantic serialized fiction to spine-chilling sequences of mystery and intrigue, a diverse reading rack has been curated to include genres like young adult, chick-lit, crime, mystery, erotica, paranormal, mythological suspense, adventure and historical fiction. Authors like C.L Peache, Daniel Pavia Livori, Hope Bolinger, Sacha T.Y Fortuné and Varun Gwalani can be found on the app.

Saga Fiction provides a platform for authors old and new alike, to showcase their stories to a global audience, who are looking for well-written entertainment. The mission is simple: they’re scouring for gripping and original plots from experienced as well as first-time authors, moulding them to be their best version, before digitally publishing it for their readers.

Avid readers and best friends since they were teenagers, co-founders Pranika Sharma and Aakriti Patni harbored a dream of building a career towards books together. In the year 2020, they brought their dream to life with Saga Fiction.

For authors who choose to publish with Saga Fiction, the app not only offers a platform establishing their authorship in the world of writing and publishing, but also editorial and marketing support as well as royalties.
Pranika Sharma obtained a Bachelor’s in English Literature and then a Master’s in Creative Writing from Loughborough University, UK, before working extensively with top publishing houses. Aakriti Patni has a background in mass media which is further solidified by a Master’s in Magazine Journalism from City University, London. She has been part of newsrooms and brings to Saga Fiction strong editorial knowledge and an advanced skill set in digital marketing.
Saga Fiction is available as an android and iOS app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store worldwide.