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New State Mobile Game Updated Weapons And Added News Guns

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New Weapons and Weapon Updates Rolled Out in Feb Update



Probably one of the most underrated guns, the MP5K packs quite a punch and is a beast designed for close quarters battle use. The MP5K is a 9mm sub machine gun that can be equipped with any attachment. The MP5K will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground. With easy recoil control, the MP5K offers a balanced performance in close-quarters combat.






The Feb 2022 update within New State Mobile brings you the Crossbow, which deals high damage as a silent ranged weapon but has very low reload speed. But do note that, when equipped with a crossbow-specific attachment, the reload speed is increased by 25%. The Crossbow will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground. Ammo for this, which are Bolts will spawn on the field and can also be purchased in the Drone Store. There are some exciting Crossbow customizations coming up in the future, so please stay tuned!





Also, as a latest addition, an all-new reload feature specific to the DSR-1 has been added. This new feature will enable the ability to use the DSR-1's backup magazine, has been added. Now after you've used 5 bullets, you can reload quickly by using 5 spare bullets in the backup magazine. Users must reload twice to reload both magazines. Tapping [Reload] once will reload the main magazine and tapping [Reload] again will reload the backup magazine.





Apart from these new guns, there are also some exciting guns customization available on the M249. With the new Ballistic Shield customization, attachable shields will be mounted on the left and right sides of the HandGuard. The attachable shields can block enemy fire and cannot be destroyed, making the M249 an even more formidable weapon to lay down suppressing fire, while you teammates retreat or seek for cover. Do note that the ADS speed is slightly decreased, with this customization.





And finally, the MP5K [C1] Laser Sight, with this new Laser Sight customization, the MP5K can be equipped with a laser sight on the rail's left side. While the ammunition rate when firing from the hip or shoulder has been increased, the horizontal recoil control is slightly decreased.





Stay tuned for more updates on New State Mobile!