OnePlus all set to expand smart TV portfolio, announces launch of new OnePlus TVs - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

OnePlus all set to expand smart TV portfolio, announces launch of new OnePlus TVs

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The upcoming OnePlus TV Y1S and OnePlus TV Y1S Edge are set to offer a truly accessible, smarter connected ecosystem experience to the larger OnePlus community
OnePlus, the global technology brand today announced that it will expand its OnePlus smart TV portfolio with the launch of two smart TV products, the OnePlus TV Y1S and the OnePlus TV Y1S Edge. The new products will be unveiled to the users in an online launch event soon.

As part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to further strengthen its connected ecosystem offerings, OnePlus aims to deliver a more intelligent and seamlessly connected ecosystem experience to the users. Serving as an extension of its existing OnePlus TV Y Series portfolio, the new OnePlus smart TVs are targeted to bring an even more accessible connected ecosystem experience across different screen sizes at truly affordable price points. In line with OnePlus’ philosophy of burdenless design, the OnePlus TV Y1S and the OnePlus TV Y1S Edge will offer a premium bezel-less design within their respective price segments.

OnePlus TVs are known to offer an intelligent, connected ecosystem experience to users with incredible visual and sound quality, while providing a curated content streaming experience. The brand currently offers three categories of smart TVs as part of its overall smart TV portfolio, namely the OnePlus TV Q Series, OnePlus TV U Series and the OnePlus TV Y Series. The OnePlus TV Q Series caters to the premium smart TV segment, offering high-end display and superior sound quality with top-notch, industry-leading design. 
The OnePlus TV U Series offers an affordable premium range of smart TVs with superior visual and sound quality as well as the brand’s signature premium burdenless design experience at accessible price points. And the OnePlus TV Y Series are designed to extend the brand’s seamless connected ecosystem experience at highly affordable price points while offering a vast range of entertainment content and best-in-class hardware features within the respective price segment.

In line with this exciting announcement, users can also be notified on the upcoming OnePlus TVs by accessing the link here.

Bangalore, 4 February 2022