Q&A with Mr. Vidhu Nautiyal, Co- Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, CloudConnect Communications Pvt Ltd. - Interview - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Q&A with Mr. Vidhu Nautiyal, Co- Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, CloudConnect Communications Pvt Ltd. - Interview

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1. Tell me brief about CloudConnect and what is the main objective of the company?

Ans.- CloudConnect is India’s first Business to Business DOT-licensed Virtual Network Operator (VNO) poised to revolutionize and redefine Mobile First Business Communication and Team Collaboration. The company is a business telecom provider offering a fully-operated and managed cloud-based mobile-first platform that is remarkably feature-rich, flexible, easy-to-use. We offer a wide range of services including virtual mobile and fixed-line, full EPABX feature-rich telephony, secured instant messaging, multi-file attachment, video conferencing, audio conferencing, remote collaboration, other and Contact Centre Solutions; ensuring better productivity & business continuity. 

CloudConnect was founded with the aim of being one of the fastest-growing and most valuable B2B technology and communication service provider start-ups in the years to come in India. As India's first VNO, company’s mission is to enable and provide robust and innovative “New Ways to Communicate and Collaborate through Mobile Unified Communication (UC)” for exceptional business acceleration. Additionally, CCPL also looks forward to make the cloud-based platforms more accessible, easy to interpret and deploy as well as scalable for small and medium businesses in the country.

2. How CloudConnect is different from other cloud-based companies. What are your
growth plans for this year?

Ans. Being the first market player in with the DoT license for virtual network operator, CloudConnect offers customized industry-specific solutions to small and medium businesses giving them access to PBX on Mobile, IP Phone Solutions, Unified Communications, and Customised Business Communication Solutions. Furthermore, the services provided by CCPL are affordable facilitating faster and smarter business collaboration to its customers.

In the year 2022, CloudConnect is looking forward to expand its outreach in other cities as well clock a revenue growth of 10X this year.


3. What are some major challenges faced by the company?

Ans. - The biggest challenge we have encountered as a cloud-based brand is lack of awareness about the services and opportunities. Now that cloud services and cloud telephony are a commonplace, everyone is aware of their advantages and the same can help increase the employee productivity.

However, in 2018, when we first started, the majority of our target audience were either unaware of it or had very less knowledge and were not very receptive to expanding their corporate infrastructure. The pandemic has made a huge impact by this catalysed transition from old systems to the cloud. People became aware of the necessity or significance of cloud systems during the epidemic when the work model shifted to remote working/work from home. As the leaders in the industry, we are still working to raise awareness of the cloud-based business model and are hopeful that the sector will see rise in investment opportunities and invite new ventures contributing significantly to the economic growth.

4. How will 5G impact the Cloud Services Sector?

Ans.- 5G is one the most sort after technological advancement in the sector. The internet speed is expected to grow by 10–20 times with 5G technology coming on the market, and additional devices, including IoT, will be made possible by increased network capacity and low latency. 

Additionally, businesses and governmental agencies all over the world will benefit from the switch to 5G as the technology will generate enormous amounts of data that must be processed quickly. Mobile devices will be also be able to transfer massive amounts of data with ease thanks to the fast internet speed. In light of the same, the purpose of the cloud must be renewed as the deployment of independent 5G networks picks up steam in coming years. With announcement of the spectrum auction, the opportunities for investment and growth will also see a sharp rise in the country.