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Blume Global launches Women in Technology forum to empower its women employees

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Upskilling women in the workforce is key to transforming the digital economy


Blume Global, one of the leading supply chain technology providers, recently launched the Women in Technology forum for its women employees to bring in a change in the technology space.  The forum will act as a dedicated networking group to guide its women employees to a focused career path and provide a common platform to share ideas, mentor each other and encourage free flow of communication across all levels.


According to statistical data, only 25% of technical leadership roles are held by women in key tech companies.  This is due to a lack of exposure and mentorship. This initiative will act as a unique networking and learning platform for the employees to connect, engage, and educate themselves.


Yamini Vellore, CIO and Head of Customer Success, Blume Global was the Chief Guest at the forum. She commented she has seen a change in the technology space over the years for women. She has grown from being the only woman working in a warehouse facility to leading her own team. Even though the workforce has transformed over the years, women still face workplace biases and are often hesitant to pursue technology as a career option, especially in a domain like supply chain.


Supply chain is still considered to be a male-dominated sector, and when it comes to supply chain technology, women need to be equally represented. This forum strives to achieve inclusive growth by giving equal opportunities to all our employees. The forum aims at creating an increased women technology talent pool not only in India but globally as well.


Under the forum, employees will have an opportunity to learn about Blume culture and seek advice on key leadership skills from industry veterans. Recently, the company organized an event celebrating the launch of the program with its women employees across India and Hong Kong.


Blume is dedicated to the professional and educational development of its employees. Blume has an existing partnership with Coursera and the Stanford Graduate School of Business offering free access to skill development courses for all employees.