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Mobiles, Smartphones and smart gadgets technology is now a part of our daily life that we use right from morning alarm to sleeping time. Everyone is online over Wifi and connected with Smart devices for the whole day. Smart-devices connected through mobile or Wifi network are playing a vital role in our daily routine. It feels difficult to live without using and we cant live without it even for a minute.

We use Smartphones and Laptops PCs connected through mobile network or Wifi routers which creates electro-magnetic radiation that is not safe for human body. And all it creates an alarming situation related to health hazards as it affects our mind body and health through its radiation when it goes over the permissible limits. Scientists are also raising their voice to make people aware of the excessive use of the Wifi network and Wifi connected devices. World Health Organization also has classified mobile radiation as carcinogenic (cancerous). Scientists and Governments of the countries around the world are taking necessary steps to prevent people from the effects of electromagnetic waves.

Smart devices manufacturers and companies have started working to control this situation and to reduce it to the safe level by developing technology. Synergy Environics Limited is a new Indian brand name working in this field and started developing solutions to reduce this Electromagnetic Radiation to protect people. They also launched a Radiation Purification Chip that is called Envirochip for Smartphone Mobiles, Tabs and Laptops. This chip purifies the Radiation and change the nature of the Radiation. Therefore, takes cares of the harmful impact of Radiation on human beings and it protects the human body from Radiation emitted by Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Tablets, Wi-Fi Routers & other Wi-Fi equipped gadgets.

This Envirochip starts working by just fixin on your Smartphone Mobile, Tablet or Laptops and it neutralizes the harmful effects of the Electromagnetic Radiation emition from your devices without reducing the network signal strength or connectivity of your devices. The company has tested this Envirochip in many reputed Medical Institutions including a Lab in United Kingdom and have done test on approx. one thousand people which shown a significant stress level reduced by over 5%, not only this but it also improves the Pulse Rate and Immunity in the people.

We also recommend Envirochip to use for your safety while using Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops and Notebooks. It is available on online platforms such as and for sale including the company’s own portal. 

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