TPV Technologies Announces The Launch Of The 24” AOC Curved Monitor - GADGET-INNOVATIONS
AOC - C24V1H

AOC launches the deepest curved monitor in the segment available at leading retail outlets

TPV Technologies has announced the launch of the all-new 24” AOC curved monitor. The C24V1H model embodies a white glossy finish and is available at leading retail outlets at INR 10,495. With larger displays, the curved screen wraps around for an engaging experience, ensuring that the customer is at the center of the action. Being a pioneer in the display technology, AOC has introduced the deepest curved monitor in the 24” segment.

Wrapping around the field of vision like an iMax theatre screen, this monitor, with its 1500mm radius of arc (deepest curvature available in the market) creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception, and minimizes peripheral distractions to draw deeper in to the content. The monitor entails well-built design with frameless panel and nice picture quality. The technology implemented ensures a flicker free display and low blue light for optimum eye care and greater comfort.

The AOC curved monitors, with the arc design and avant-garde style, offer a higher-tech quality in comparison to flat monitors. The advantage lies in the way the curved monitor's design conforms to the human visual system, offering a more captivating experience and wider viewing angle compared to flat monitors — and also contributes to the reduction of intraocular pressure. 

The more realistic, wide field viewing experience provided by curved monitors is not only great for watching movies, but also enhances video game action when playing games. With full HD resolution and multiple connecting ports this product is a complete solution for the modern Indian user.

Now discover a truly immersive viewing experience with the AOC monitor - curved more deeply than any other. 

New Delhi, May 21st, 2019