Xmate Launches New Range Of Personal Care Products - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Introduces grooming accessories for men - Xmate Juno and Xmate Quik

Launched in May 2019, Xmate, the Digital and Consumer electronics brand continues to expand its product range. Xmate announced the launch of its personal care products on Amazon India. In the first phase of the launch, Xmate unveiled its product line of hair and beard trimmers for men, Juno & Quik.

Advanced and ergonomic Xmate Juno with IPX6 rating can be cleaned directly under running water and withstand heavy water splashes up to 30 minutes.

The basic model, Xmate Quik is made of durable ABS material with solid structuring effortlessly delivering a speedy shave that is smooth in terms of trimming experience and outcome. The cutter head can also be disassembled and cleaned separately to ensure better hygiene and longevity

This built-to-last product is priced at just Rs. 749/- and is available on Xmate Quik Amazon.in 

Xmate Juno is available at an exclusive launch price of Rs. 1099/- on Xmate Juno Amazon.in

Xmate has launched over 60 products in multiple categories ranging from Action & Simulated Cameras, Computer & Gaming peripherals, Mobile Audio accessories and others which rank amongst the Best Sellers in their categories. Xmate products focus on style, design, functionality and quality as the brand continues to grow its loyal customer base in India.  

This expansion is a part of Xmate’s strategy to create a lifestyle brand that appeals to millennials. Personal care products for women, including hair curlers and straighteners, along with dryers will be added to the range in December 2019.

A brand that defines design and quality, Xmate empowers its customers’ by offering an experience of using & enjoying technology-enabled products in various spheres of life like work, travel, entertainment & day-to-day chores.

India, December 2, 2019