Prakriti E-Mobility Announces Ridecell As Technology Platform For EV Cab Service - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Intelligent analytics optimises EV cab fleet operations

Established with a goal to start a global revolution in the industry of commercially-used electric vehicles (EVs), Prakriti E-Mobility (co-founded by Nimish Trivedi, Vikas Bansal and Rajeev Tiwari), today, announced California, US based Ridecell Inc., as their technology partner in India for its app-based EV Cab serviceEVERA’. Ridecell is the leading platform provider for shared and autonomous mobility operators.

The app-based EV cab services ‘EVERA’ was launched across the National Capital Region (NCR) in India. Ridecell technology provides a comprehensive end-to-end mobility solution that allows Prakriti Mobility to quickly launch the fleet and streamline efficiencies through predictive analytics for fleet operations and maintenance. The collaboration will promote the advancement of new shared mobility services.

Ridecell enabled technology for Prakriti E-Mobility EV Cab service will offer a complete shared mobility platform that includes a rider and driver app, a cloud-based operational dashboard to control vehicle assignment, ride pricing and other critical service parameters, and an EVERA branded mobile application experience.

Ridecell rapidly implemented multiple regional enhancements, including rider payment in a local currency, the inclusion of GST (goods and services tax), and payment via the locally-dominant PAYTM digital wallet application. Additional planned enhancements include vehicle assignment based on battery charge level and charging station proximity.

The new technology will ensure EV customers have a top-caliber experience while riding with EVERA.

New Delhi, Jan 6, 2019