Coding Blocks Launches Career Bootcamp - An ISA Course for Aspiring Programmers - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Coding Blocks’ Income Sharing Agreement is a step forward to bridge the gap between the quality skillsets demand & supply in the IT Industry

Coding Blocks announced the Income Sharing model program “Career Bootcamp” through its flagship center in Pitampura, New Delhi today. With Career Bootcamp, Coding Blocks joins the league of Programming Training Centers offering the new ISA model in which students can study without paying any upfront fee, get trained and placed and pay the fee through their monthly salaries.

Career Bootcamp is a 6 months long program which trains students extensively in Data structures, Algorithms, Advanced Programming Concepts and Web development to get placed. This is a Placement guarantee program, so if the student does not get placed, they won’t have to pay any fee.

During the launch, Sankalp Sunder, CEO Coding Blocks said, “We train students across India through Classroom, Online and Live class programs but there is a huge proportion of the community who want to be independent and manage their fee for this additional training on their own.”

Coding Blocks has some of the best coders who have worked with global giants like Facebook, Sony, Barclays, American Express and many more in the country. They mentor students and help them ace programming. More than 25000 students have been trained by Coding Blocks to date and more than 5000 placed in MNCs like Google, Zomato, Flipkart, etc.  

Career Bootcamp will run using the Live class technology. This will allow students from across the country to join the program and learn closely with the mentors. Facilitated with two-way interactive communication, Career Bootcamp classes will not only let mentors and students interact but will also help in solving doubts immediately.

New Delhi, Delhi, India