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Gifts On Air Makes Survival Tough For Magicpin And Nearbuy

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After a huge success in partnerships with automobile, telecom, electronics, furniture, gymnasiums and other industries, Gifts On Air has now started a new vertical which is collaborating with hotels, restaurants & salons to give their customers a 100% gift-voucher on every bill. The most innovative and evolved kind of solution to retain and acquire new customers.

With almost 82% of the restaurants being closed in the last 15 years within 2 years of operation, any new venture would need a solution so fresh that it would attract the customers.

Their idea is simple. Give the customer 100% of their food bill as gift back voucher from where they can get branded clothing and accessories for the full amount of what they have spent on their bill, without paying a single additional rupee. 

Vishal, an engineering student told us his experience as “The benefits that I got here are certainly a lot more than what Magicpin, Nearbuy, dine-out or any other reward solution offer to a customer, Gifts On Air has no terms and conditions attached, while others have a lot of them.”

He was enthusiastic enough to tell us, “Can you imagine I got my full money back as gift vouchers from the restaurant to buy myself the best branded fashion wear, certified jewellery, books, mobile accessories and other 10000+ products to choose from, I would love to go for the same restaurant again.”

Gifts On Air has technically altered the terms ‘mouth publicity’ and ‘reward’ because the existing customers are already spreading the word for them. Their diversity of partners varies from local joints to five-stars spreading across PAN India. “It won’t be long before the company takes over the market and demolishes the companies like Nearbuy, Magic pin and Dine-out." says an expert.

The goodwill of the company is not just limited to the customers but the partners like the way they work. One of the restaurant owners told us that the customers not only got their gifts with the 100% gift back, but also won the trust of the restaurant which later resulted in increase in the footfall of the restaurant. We are also told that not only the customers restaurant owners, but also the staff of companies like Magic pin and Nearbuy have willingly started moving towards Gifts On Air.

Another restaurateur says “Earlier what we used to get was online orders, in bulk which used to pay a high toll on our budget and also we saw a huge decrement in the footfall after swiggy and zomato came into play, but after GiftsOnAir, people are actually stepping out of their houses and are gathering at eat-outs, plus they are more than satisfied when the whole “100% cashback gift voucher” scheme moves the game into their side of profit and the people are actually contented after they redeem the vouchers and bought gifts for themselves out of all the branded material available at Gifts On Air."

Jaipur, RajasthanIndia