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G7CR Technologies - India's Leading Cloud Service Provider, Fights Back Corona Crisis With Technology

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~ FREE MIGRATION of Desktops to Cloud to help Companies opt for work from home option ~

G7CR Technologies – India’s leading global information technology, consulting and cloud services company based out of Bangalore is on war footing pace to help businesses sustain and operate under pressuring time of Pandemic Coronovirus. The company is offering FREE MIGRATION of Desktops to Cloud so that businesses can declare work from home option for their employees and contribute to the safety of their employees.

Big companies are asking more employees to work from home as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the globe. Companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon have implemented remote working policies for many or all of their employees around the globe.

Realising how things are changing and affecting business across the country due to coronavirus, Dr. Christopher Richard, the Company’s Founder and a leading global industry technology expert has decided to de-focus on sales of their core technology offering and will work for a cause for the next two month in order to provide relief to businesses and help employees work safely from the comfort of their home.

G7CR has been recognised globally for its technical capabilities driving cloud success journeys for SMBs from industry verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, PSUs, Education, Retail and IT. With the current situation of Coronavirus, lots of companies are opting for work from home option. Free migration of desktop to cloud will help companies from various sectors keep the business running as usual without putting their employee’s life at risk.

Since the company specializes in Cloud and is constantly trying to solve complex problems. It quickly realized how Cloud can help businesses sustain and respond to the risk without burning tons of Capital. Replacing Desktop with portable devices is a huge capital investment and most SMBs cannot afford to do that. But, now SMBs can get their people to work from home with free migration of Desktops to Cloud.

SMB’s can avail the benefits of cloud migration free of cost. Companies can register via a toll-free number 1800 572 3617, following which a team of experts from G7CR Technologies will assist them in the migration process. 

New Delhi, 16th March 2020