Kwai Video App Live Baisakhi Celebration By Famous TV Actress Avneet Kaur - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Attracts thousands of fans during her first ever kwai live chat

Bollywood diva and popular TV actor Avneet Kaur celebrated this Baisakhi by making her debut on short videos app Kwai. Avneet hosted an hour-long Kwai Live chat in the evening and regaled her fans by sharing many personal stories and singing Bollywood, Punjabi and English pop songs. More than 40,000 fans logged into the live chat, a spokesperson for Kwai said, adding that around 5,100 fans were actively engaging with the special live by Avneet at any point in time.

The fans were thrilled as Avneet took this opportunity to share more about herself, and how she keeps herself busy during the nationwide lockdown. Answering a fan’s question, Avneet shared that she loves reading books and always has some books nearby. “Reading is always on my to-do list,” Avneet said. She even held up a copy of Postscript, the sequel to P.S. I Love You, for her fans and told them that she is currently reading the book.

When another fan asked her about her closest buddies, Avneet named Krupa Lakhani and added that “I just keep video calling her as I cannot go out and meet her.” She also said she is very close to Reem Sheikh and counts Siddharth Nigam as her favorite co-star.

Avneet also announced her plans to soon publish her own ‘reactions’ video for fan-made videos. She is also working to post a video on cooking, and a dance video on Kwai app.

As demand for singing songs piled up quickly from thousands of her fans, Avneet started singing some of the most requested songs live on Kwai app. She started with a lovely rendition of ‘Kaun Tujhe’ and went on to belt out popular hits including ‘Closer’ by Chainsmokers. Responding to fan requests, she performed many songs associated with herself, including ‘Daily Daily’, ‘Lakk di Kasam’, ‘Pahadan’ and ‘Teri Naar’ among others. When performing ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ by Elvis Presley, Avneet revealed this was the first time she was performing this song in front of a live audience.

On being asked for tips on how to become an actor, Avneet said that you should “Give as many auditions, meet as many industry people and watch as many movies as you can.” She revealed that she herself is an avid movie watcher and is a big-time fan of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. Avneet said The Great Gatsby is one of her favorite movies, like any other movie by DiCaprio. She also suggested her fans to watch her other favourite movies including Inception, The Prestige and The fault in our stars.

When a fan asked her if she likes to drive, Avneet revealed that she does not yet know how to drive, and it annoys her. “I am however planning to learn driving soon,” she added.

Signing off after a full-hour of fun-filled engagement, Avneet asked her fans to follow her account on Kwai for some amazing content coming up. She also invited comments on what she should post next. Finally, she wished her fans Happy Baisakhi once again and thanked all the fans, including the ‘Avneetians’ for joining her live on Kwai. “Please take care of yourself and your families during this lockdown,” she said. “I also thank Kwai for the opportunity to talk to everybody, this has made my day!

Kwai is a popular app and a social community of videos and live streams. It allows users to create videos to express themselves and make new friends.