OPPO Stands In Solidarity, Pays Tribute To Warriors Fighting Against COVID-19 - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Applauds Indias brave-hearts with its Hope is a form campaign

Uniting with the nation in the war against COVID-19, OPPO has paid tribute to the real warriors battling at the frontline against the pandemic in India. OPPO has rolled out Hope is a form - a digital campaign to salute the brave-hearts working tirelessly at the forefront to serve the nation. The campaign symbolizes hope in the form of frontline warriors such as doctors, nurses, delivery agents, housekeeping staff etc. who are stepping out of their own homes to make our lives safer and simpler amid this public health crisis.

Talking about this initiative, Mr. Sumit Walia, VP, Product and Marketing, OPPO India said, The Hope has a form’ campaign is an effort to instill hope and pay tribute to these everyday super-heroes such as doctors, medical personnel, cleaning staff for their service during such crucial times. The entire nation owes each one of them a tremendous debt of gratitude. The brand film is just a small attempt to recognize and express our gratefulness towards these warriors who despite all the odds are fighting through the contagion for all of us.

The campaign video celebrates these heroes through heart-warming posts on OPPOs social platforms. In addition, the brand film also throws light on these everyday brave-hearts who are selflessly making our lives safer and together with their support, we are going to come out of this darkness.

Standing tall with its commitment to extend every possible support to overcome the difficulties, OPPO has also partnered with the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, ISKCON Gurgaon, ISKCON Delhi, ISKCON Mumbai and The Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) to serve food to thousands of people stranded due to the pandemic. OPPO has also distributed face masks to the Uttar Pradesh Government for the use of healthcare providers.

National, 16th April 2020