Philips Offers - Work From Home Tech Essentials To Enhance Productivity - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

-       Philips Monitors, Headphones and Bluetooth speakers

Nowadays, working from home has become a necessity and people are gradually shifting their workplaces into their homes. Working from home brings its own set of challenges, however since it is the need of the hour, having the right gadgets can help you enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. From monitors with sharp picture quality to swanky accessories such as headphones and Bluetooth speakers, here are some key essentials by TPV Technology to make your work corner much more comfortable and effective.

1.     Philips E9 Series Monitors

Monitors can come handy to create a temporary work station at home. You can choose from multiple sizes in the Philips E9 series of stylish monitors. It has three variants and is available in 22 inches (Model: 226E9QHAB/94), 24 inches (Model: 246E9QJAB) and 27 inches (Model: 276E9QJAB) priced at INR 14,000, INR 15,500 and INR 22,500 respectively. The Philips E9 line-up offers enhanced mainstream design and extraordinary image performance for superior viewing.

The Ultra-Wide Color technology delivers true-to-life visuals and immersive viewing angles for heightened convenience and enjoyment, whether at home or at work. A pair of high-quality stereo speakers for multimedia have been built into the display device.

The monitors feature narrow borders for seamless appearance and minimal viewing distraction, making them ideal for multi-display or tiling set-ups and a wide variety of uses from graphic design to professional applications to gaming. In addition to this, keeping the environment in mind, sustainable, eco-friendly materials have been used as per international standards. The monitors are mercury and lead-free, are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging material, and provide energy savings due to the low power consumption. Another interesting feature for consumers to unwind is the Smooth Gameplay with AMD FreeSync™ technology. This technology helps you play your favourite games when taking a break from work.

2.     Philips Performance Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Rated amongst the top 3 Active Noise Cancelling products, TAPH805, is a 5-star rated device by Stuff India. This over the ear headphone comes equipped with features like Google Assistant, and is priced at INR 13,990. This is definitely a handy device to reduce the unwanted ambient sounds during the long lasting con-calls and aims to make your work productive at home. Another addition to this range is TAPN505 in-ear neckband with the similar features at INR 11,990. One can control the Active Noise Cancelling function on the wireless earphones for back-to-back calls and conferences or an immersed music experience during ones break time. With Google Assistant, along with listening to music, one can ask it to open your work calendar, read notifications from your phone, call or send messages to your teams, manage playlists, and much more without reaching out to the phone. With 30 hours play time and touch controls in TAPH805 and 14 hours play time in TAPN505, plus rapid charge, and a built-in mic with echo cancellation for clear audio, these are feature loaded offering by Philips Audio that you can consider.

3.     Philips Bluetooth Speakers

This offering from Philips Audio range connects seamlessly to your phone via Bluetooth and helps you listen to your conference calls and presentations effortlessly through a 20 W high-powered sound. BT6620 (with its IPX3 splash-proof design) is the perfect product for the professional working from home. Priced at INR 5,990 the product is portable, compact, convenient for use and easy to carry around in the house.