Awfis Revolutionizes Work From Home Through Its New Product Awfis@Home - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Awfis, India’s largest home-grown coworking space provider has launched its latest innovative offering, ‘Awfis@Home’, further diversifying its work product portfolio.

In the current forced lockdown where working from home is more of a necessity than an option, individuals and organizations need to be quick to adapt to the challenges of a new style of working. Work From Home (WFH) became an overnight sensation and is here to stay as organizations have started looking at it as a viable option for long-term business continuity and enabling employee choice. WFH will bring about cost efficiency for organizations while providing greater flexibility for employees.  The need for a solution that can assess organisational readiness and provide adequate infrastructure for employee to work from home led to the development of Awfis@Home.

Awfis@Home is an integrated platform enabling distributed work experience through its 3-pronged approach – The a@h Assessment Tool, The a@h Toolkit & The a@h Tech-enablement. This product provides the flexibility to efficiently work from the comfort of one’s home while replicating the setting of a productive office work environment.

Based on the key success factors of a successful work from home framework, the a@h Assessment Tool identifies the challenges and opportunities of work from home for employees, managers and organizations, helping them evaluate their level of readiness. This tool gauges employees’ on various parameters to find the need gap at an individual and organizational level. This is followed by a comprehensive and customised assessment report that provides critical insights for decision making around what percentage of employees, their respective needs and specifically which roles will be best suited for work from home.

Additionally, to make remote working seamless, Awfis also provides the a@h tech enablement which is an integrated tech platform that will support companies in effortlessly connecting teams and building efficiencies. The App consists of a geo-tagged attendance management system, a real-time feedback mechanism and a touch-free smart scan for access to any Awfis centre or for booking a meeting room on just-in-time basis. The complete Awfis@Home solution integrates all aspects of Work From Home to make employees productive by replicating at home all aspects of the typical office workspace.

The Awfis@Home solution leverages the vast network of the Awfis centres to bring with it the perks & privileges of being a member of the Awfis coworking community.  This includes access to the vast network of Awfis centres, complimentary meeting room credits, day pass, printing, scanning and delivery services at the nearest Awfis centre along with exclusive entry to Awfis events, held virtually or as per social distancing norms.

India, 22 May 2020