Use These ‘Smart’ Cooling Appliances To Beat The Heat - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Summer 2020 is in full swing and being at home with your family is proving to be a blessing in disguise. However, rising temperature across the country could become a cause for concern for infants, elders and your pocket. Flipkart is celebrating the Super Cooling Days, bringing to you ‘Smart Cooling Essentials’ to beat the heat with ease.

From setting the temperature at home before you arrive with Wi-Fi connected ACs to relishing on refrigerator-made licious curd and automatically adjusting the temperature to keep your food fresh as always, Flipkart has carefully curated the must haves appliances this summer for you.

1.                  Go Hi-Fi with LG’s Wi-fi AC

This Wi-Fi enabled AC drives away the blues of coming back from a walk on a sweaty day by letting you adjust your temperature using your phone to ensure optimum comfort. With quick cooling and energy saver, the LG Wi-Fi AC comes with LG's dual inverter compressor, which allows fast and long-lasting cooling.

2.                  Get The Perfect Curd With This Samsung Curd Maestro
Summers are incomplete without a chilled bowl of curd with every meal or a large serving of ‘Chaas’ or ‘lassi’ to keep you cool. Samsung’s Curd Maestro feature allows you to make homemade curd and alter its consistency based on your preferences. It also provides ‘All-round Cooling’ so that each section in the appliance is cooled from corner to corner; keeping food items fresh for a long time.

3.                  Get ‘Smart’ With This AI Enabled Refrigerator
This MarQ refrigerator frees you from the hassle of adjusting the temperature with its AI smart sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature depending on the external conditions to keep the food safe. It also hosts features such as in-door water dispenser, LED feather touch control panel to adjust the temperature, express freeze that allows super-fast freezing, the Ultra-Quiet technology that controls the noise levels, smart storage and various other energy saving features.

4.                  Four Doors To A Healthy Life With This Midea Refrigerator
4-door refrigerators are extremely useful when you have a large family. Whether you want to store your leftovers or stock on the vegetables for the lockdown, this Midea side-by-side refrigerator has got you covered. This refrigerator features a separate section for fruits and veggies, along with a humidity controller that helps in maintaining the freshness in your food. And the stylish look of the appliance, adds to the aesthetic value as well.

5.                  ‘Touch’ The Paradise With This Smart Cooler
Air coolers are a must have in the house, especially when the entire family assembles together after a hectic day. With this smart air cooler, you can control the temperature with a simple touch to enjoy the perfect cooling. This appliance also comes with features such as the empty water tank alarm that notifies you when the water tank is almost empty, ice chamber and ease of access using the touchpad that work together to deliver the most efficient cooling for the living room. A  magnetic remote to avoid misplacement adds to the smartness of this appliance.

6.                  Orient Ceiling Fan With Remote Controls
Ceiling fans are perhaps the most important and energy efficient appliances during summers. However, when the heat gets intense, you need to dial the speed down. This smart piece of equipment comes with a remote that allows you to alter the speed with the click of a button. The remote features a timer and speed control to ensure that you do not have to walk up to the switchboard to achieve comfort.