Gift Your Dad Philips OneBlade On This Father’s Day, To Style His Beard Or Mustache At Home - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Gift Your Dad Philips OneBlade On This Father’s Day, To Style His Beard Or Mustache At Home

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Gifts are more than just objects of desire. They are an expression of our love for our dearest ones. This Father’s Day you can show gratitude to your dad by giving him some self-care goodies. If your dad loves styling his beard or prefers a stubble, gift him the Philips OneBlade, a perfect gift to turn his style quotient up a notch. OneBlade, a combined beard trimmer and styler is advanced, skin-friendly and a convenient grooming solution, that will help your dad stand out in a crowd.

And why not go one step ahead and give him a break from his daily ritual of grooming and give him a salon-worthy look at home with Philips OneBlade. Here are some styles and tips to amp up his ‘stay at home’ look.

Option 1: Trim and shape your beard to your liking

Step 1: The all-over trim
Wash and dry the beard and trim your beard all over. Go against the direction of hair growth to remove excess bulk.

Step 2: Define your neckline
For the perfect beard neckline, put a finger horizontally just above your Adam’s Apple and trim a vertical strip below this line using OneBlade. Work outwards under your jawline to one side, return to the center and work your way to the other side.

Step 3: Follow through with a shave
Trim the hair below your new beard neckline.

Step 4: Choose your cheek line
If you are happy with a natural beard cheek line, leave it as it is. For an edgier, crisper look, go for a straight or slightly rounded line to the bottom of your sideburns. The lower your cheek line, the more length you will give to your face.

Step 5: Shape up your mustache
You can trim your mustache itself to the same length as your beard or leave it slightly longer to make it stand out more. For a nice, clean lip line, close your mouth and smile. Keep your mustache clean and trim the bottom of your mustache with OneBlade to create a 1 mm clear line above your lips (optional).

Option 2:  Handlebar Moustache

Step 1: Trim your mustache to about 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch with OneBlade. Choose a longer setting for the whiskers around your mouth.

Step 2:  Trim in a downward angle following your lip line, to the corner of your mouth. Leave a strip of hair about 1/5 to 2/5 of an inch wide.

Step 3:  Follow this up with a mini foil shaver–being careful to keep it upright. This will define the edges and clean up around your Handlebar Mustache.

Step 4: Create a neat part with rounded edges in the middle of your Handlebar Mustache. The shape should look a little bit like two tadpoles about to kiss. You can use a comb and wax or, if your hair is too stubborn, a razor.

Step 5: Give yourself a shave on the cheeks and neck, taking extra care around your mustache..

Step 6: Hold onto your horses – now you’ll just have to maintain the shape, and wait for your handlebars to grow in.

Option 3: Stached Stubble

Step 1:  Comb your beard and moustache neatly downwards

Step 2: Decide what kind of moustache you want and define its outline with the Philips OneBlade

Step 3: Using OneBlade, trim the rest of your beard down to light or heavy stubble. Optional: shave above your cheeks and below the neckline for a more maintained look.

Step 4: Tidy up hair around the moustache outline.

Step 5: To define the shape of your moustache, apply moustache wax