Hazardous Operations Training Simplified With FusionVR’s Operator Training’(VR-OTS) Simulator - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Hazardous Operations Training Simplified With FusionVR’s Operator Training’(VR-OTS) Simulator

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FusionVR, India’s leading Industry 4.0 solutions provider introduces its next-generation Virtual Reality Field Operator Training Simulator (VR-OTS) for effectively training personnel in the oil & gas, petrochemical and other process industries.

The scenarios-based VR/AR standalone and customized training solutions enables employees and students to learn plant operation, safety and emergency response skills from the safety and comfort of a virtual environment. The learning experience is enriched and significantly effective compared to traditional and conventional learning methods.

Today’s rapidly changing business environment has been further transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating the necessity for new learning approaches that are critical for survival and sustainability. Social distancing and remote working have become the new normal. Enterprises looking for new-generation solutions like Fusion VR’s VR-OTS for field training will help the workforce develop critical skills with less time and no risk.

It’s now a luxury to provide hands-on field training to all employees in the actual plant and shop floor as its both time consuming and expensive. The VR-OTS simulator addresses both challenges head on and delivers impressive results and long-term value for enterprises.

Fusion VR’s VR-OTS Simulator taps into the unlimited potential of Virtual-Reality and offers :

● Hyper-realistic visual cues

● Natural &lifelike interactions

● Psychophysics based emphatic learning experience-design

Performance management of trainees is evaluated through data collection, determining key performance indicators and dashboards integrated with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS). These are based on proven Brain-Science Techniques and analyses using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The benefits of using Industry 4.0 and immersive technologies has long been highlighted in various forums, conferences and seminars. Industry experts have spoken on the vast transformation and benefits companies can achieve by embracing Digital Transformation. Fusion VR has offered such solutions to global Oil & Gas clients over the past decade. VR-OTS is one such solution readily available to support the digital transformation drive of your company. Here’s what one of the industry pioneers has to say about this.

With the COVID-19 crisis teaching us new lessons, Industry 4.0 technology can help enterprises train and experience maximum productivity without investing heavily in time, money, effort, and risk. Fusion VR’s VR-OTS offers benefits such as

●  Saving years of training time

●  Adding value to the existing classroom training

●  Allowing learners to test their skills, learn from their mistakes, and improve performance in a no-consequence environment

●Better, faster, safer, interactive, portable &economical training in a controlled and safe environment

Fusion VR  :  Chennai based Fusion VR is a one-stop shop for enabling businesses in their Digital Transformation efforts through the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies such as VR/AR/MR/IoT &AI . The company’s multi-vertical solutions and rich domain expertise strive to augment production efficiency and reduce uncertainties in industries. Fusion VR aims to turn compelling ideas into compelling eminent XR Products to evoke an ultimate Experiential-Learning experience with excellent Return-On-Investment (ROI).

New Delhi, June 23rd, 2020