‘Mylestone’ – A Smart Curriculum Solution In The School Academics Space - Reaches Over 1.5 Lakh Students Across India During Lockdown Period. - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

‘Mylestone’ – A Smart Curriculum Solution In The School Academics Space - Reaches Over 1.5 Lakh Students Across India During Lockdown Period.

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500% increase in app downloads and 70% more usage among parents during lockdown period.

  • An end-to-end education solution provider for teachers and students launched by S. Chand and Co. has set a new benchmark in the e-learning sector

  • Adopted in 12 States - impacts over 4000 teachers and over 1.5 lakh Students across India through the app

With schools remaining shut across the country till further notice, Mylestone – the smart curriculum solution is now aiding over 1.5 lakh school students to continue their learning online and ensuring there is no disruption in their academic year.

Launched by S. Chand and Co., one of India’s oldest and largest textbook and education content company in 2015, Mylestone is a complete curriculum solution that empowers the entire school ecosystem.  Mylestone was designed for K-8 schools with the aim to make student learn better through Empowered Teaching and Easy Learning. It also offers a streamlined curriculum through well designed integrated components which includes Teachers Handbook, Students Course book and Practice book, Assessment Support, Digital Content, Resource Kit and Teacher Training. The program is geared towards creating interactive learning experiences with its diverse content and activity-based learning features that create a participative learning experience, thereby improving the cognitive abilities of students and increasing their attention span.

In a significant thrust towards ramping up their digital education portfolio – and in the time span of this lockdown situation, Mylestone is seeing rapid adoption by schools due to its offering of digital books and remote teaching platform.  This is across all locations in states like Delhi NCR, Haryana, AP, Telangana, UP, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal, Karnataka etc.

MyStudyGear application by Mylestone is designed to complete the loop by involving parents as essential stakeholders in the students’ learning process and keeping them aware of their child’s learning. It provides interactive learning for students even beyond the classroom. Parents can also guide their wards to do assessments to check their understanding of a concept and the app is video conferencing integrated for learning through LIVE online classes. The app has content in the form of quizzes with analysis for primary and middle classes and animated videos based on themes for pre-primary classes.

The app also has content for teachers and enables students to access the digital content for more clarification on a concept. The segment for teachers in the app provides teachers the power to show digital content from anywhere.

New Delhi, 2nd June 2020