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NSDL e-Governance Launches Vidyasaarathi Online Career Tests For Students

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NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd., one of India’s leading education financing facilitators and e-Governance solutions provider, has launched Vidyasaarathi Career Tests to help students across age groups choose the career best suited for their future.

There are three different career tests which are hosted on NSDL e-Governance’s Vidyasaarathi portal – Aptitude Test, Personality Test, and Interest Test. The online tests are designed in a way to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and then provide them with insights that will help them make a suitable career choice.  To provide more detailed and reliable insights, the age groups for these tests have been categorized into three groups – ‘6-11 years’, ‘12-17 years’ and ‘18 years & above’.

Aptitude test measures the aptitude or talent of an individual to identify the job befitting their skillset. This test is popular in the student and counselling community as it helps a student in identifying their objective skills and sets the first filter in the pool of career opportunities.

Personality test is a popular yet unique assessment as it evaluates the needs and wants of the applicant from the surroundings to map the personality into four temperaments – Artisans, Guardians, Idealists, and Rationals.

Interest test will ask students to rank various activities as per their rate of interest and identify them as realists, thinkers, creators, helpers, persuaders and organizers.
The tests are designed with simplicity for easy comprehension. Each test will cost Rs. 299 to applicants and will help in narrowing down fields by identifying vital traits that an applicant possesses.

Furthermore, on Vidyasaarathi portal students can also apply for scholarships that will financially support their choice of career. All the required information is available on www.vidyasaarathi.co.in

Mumbai, June 15, 2020


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