How Advanced Text Analytics Can Increase Operational Efficiency & CX, A Webinar Session By JK Technosoft Ltd. - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

How Advanced Text Analytics Can Increase Operational Efficiency & CX, A Webinar Session By JK Technosoft Ltd.

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Join Industry experts who will be sharing their insights on Business in the Age of AI and how to adapt them in your industrial practice

Digitization is one of the biggest revolutions which has disrupted every sphere of life. In order to start the journey towards digital transformation, it is a pre-requisite for enterprises to adopt emerging technologies. In the upcoming series of AI webinars led by JK Technosoft’s experts in the Smart Analytics domain will demonstrate how companies can empower their customers to achieve maximum business value in the digital world. Through eminent digital data explosion, businesses are being empowered by leveraging digitization to increase their top-line revenue, customer experience, optimize the bottom-line costs and operational efficiency while enhancing the safety factor. It is also beneficial in reinventing business processes in line with the changing world. 

The first episode of the webinar series will focus on AI-based text analytics solutions – a SaaS-based AI NLP Platform, helping organizations to gain insights on market and customer perceptions about the brand, products & services delivered by them or by their competitors. In addition, it will also demonstrate how JKT’sSales Promotion Recommendation Engine can help customers enhance their top-line growth while streamlining their bottom-line costs.

Through this Webinar, organizations, as well as an individual can learn –
How should a business plan their journey through the Digital data revolution?
Use of digital data to come up with effective data strategies for increased outcomes
●How IT practitioners can catalyst the digital data mining journey and attract business adoption?
●Ways to reduce operational costs by automating human effort-intensive tasks using cognitive Analytics

The webinar will go live on Thursday, 9th July 2020, and will be led by JK Technosoft thought leaders Mr. Anish Narayan, AVP – Global Analytics Practice Head, Mr. Sathyan Pari, Principal Consultant – Analytics Practice & Ms. Sushma Palla, Senior Consultant – Analytics Practice.

Day & Date: Thursday, 9th July 2020

Timing: 12:00 PM EDT | 11:00 AM CDT | 9:00 AM PDT

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07/07/2020, NoidaIndia