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iFFALCON Coming Up With New 4K QLED Smart TV Series Products

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Offers cutting-edge features such as hands-free voice control, micro dimming, quantum dot technology, and Dolby Audio, among others

iFFALCON, hailing from the house of TCL, is coming up with H71 and K71 series of QLED and 4K android smart TV, respectively. The latest offerings underline the brand’s vision of delivering the right mix of style, performance and innovation to consumers at the best price points possible.

The H71 QLED model is likely to offer some of the top cutting-edge tech advances in the smart TV segment including Hands-Free Voice Control for operating the device using simple voice commands, Quantum Dot Technology for a truly immersive viewing experience, Micro Dimming for automatically adjusting the darkness and brightness factors, and Dolby Audio for optimized and unmatched audio output, among others. The brand is, however, tight-lipped when it comes to explaining the features in detail.

Although nothing is officially confirmed yet, the other features that the new lineup may offer include AI x IoT that empowers users to connect and control all the TCL smart home devices through the TV, HDR & Colour Expansion to optimize picture quality of the device by leveraging dynamic tone mapping to reflect frame to frame variations in brightness, contrast and colour saturation.

When it comes to looks, the brand has most promised to make the QLED TV Bezel-Less to give it a Full-Screen Design and offer more cinematic experience through its unexpectedly large field of vision. Some reports also say that these devices will have a metallic touch that not only makes it look premium in this price range but also ensures durability.

Delhi, July 23, 2020